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U-Turn Family Services

No matter what we have done, no matter where we have been, it is never too late to change direction, because GOD ALLOWS U-TURN.


Our Services 

Assist with households for those in transition

Domestic Violence Awareness 

Senior support 

Assist with christmas toys

Assist with school supplies 

U- Turn Services 

U-Turn Family Services is a supportive part of K W Stephens Ministries where we support, educate, empower, strengthen, inspire hope to families affected by poverty  homelessness, domestic violence, drugs and other life trauma. 

U-Turn was started by K W Stephens Ministries on the vision that everyone has a right to be safe, feel safe, and free from a violent environment. This is to include those who struggle with substance abuse and addictions, and life trauma, domestic violence, homelessness mental illness and all the issues that come with poverty.  We are a faith-based support service  for family . We believe God allows U-Turn in our lives to reach a higher calling. We endeavor to provide survivors with resources, tools and options that allow them through community partnerships to be able to live a healthy and prosper live free of violence. We want to empower our families. Our purposes at U-Turn is to  empower raise awareness, provides services, and educate community members about issues like domestic violence, drug abuse, homelessness and mental illness and its impact on the family. We also partner with other agencies to leverage resources and partnerships on behalf of our families 

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