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Ozie Foundation

Enriching the lives of seniors with love and kindness

Why we do it…


A great number of seniors have no one to take care of them, no family, no one to check on them, no one to love them and no one to look after them. We want to  take care of our seniors and make sure that they are appreciated. We want to enrich their lives with kindness and joy and that is why we do this. 

Through donations from our partners we enrich their lives with wonderful letters and smiles, we do this  on their birthday or just  any day just  because we want to to bring a smile on their faces. Who does not want to receive a gift ? 

Through local agencies we connect with seniors who need assistance. We give them a cheer of prayer, calls, letters, gifts, and in December we hold them a Christmas Angel Tea Party

New Age.. New Possibilities  


Ozie Foundation provides personal care items to the seniors in the community. This include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair , beauty products, blankets, comforters. We also visit nursing homes to cheer our seniors and to check on them. Let us know if you would like to be part of this ministry 

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