KWSM Testimonials

1. Thank you 

Hello and God Bless you all for the help you guys have giving me the past year! I have been homeless over a year and you all made it possible for my daughter to have a Christmas without us having a place to stay.. I want to appreciate you all so much, without you guys out Christmas would be ruined

When I was at my lowest and didn't know how I was going to get my child any presents for Christmas. KWSM stepped in and Blessed Me, My Child and my mother for Christmas and we were so happy and thankful for everything that they done for us. Unfortunately my mom passed away July 7,2021 but she always talked about what they did for us for a while. I thank KWSM for being there for us when we needed them the most and not just by giving us presents either. They gave us music, snacks, words of encouragement and more words to help me out in more ways than they can ever imagine which has helped me through the rough times that I have been going through. They have put smiles on a lot of families faces through their years of giving and in their hearts. They have made my Christmas times worth celebrating. And I just want to say Thank you KWSM for everything that you have done for me and my family and May God keep Blessing you all so that you all can keep blessings more families. Love you all, Especially my dear friend Mrs. Lillian Stephens she is such a sweet and caring person. Thanks for everything.

1. Thank you 

I remember they helped me when my daughter was 1 year old when we were homeless I wasn't able to get her anything but thanks to y'all she was able to have a Christmas ❤️

I'm a single mother and I have 3 beautiful girls .whit made me happy was seeing my girls face for Xmas ..they lived the toys and jackets y'all have them ..whut I'm trying to say it don't matter if it rich or poor God makes away and send his angels to help and those Angels are y'all and y'all family ..may god continue to bless y'all with so much more thank y'all for all y'all do..

You helped me a lot when  I was with out work that I couldn't get something for my kids and this program get them happiness

My grandkids mother passed away awhile back and my son a single parent didn't know how he was going to do something for his 4 girls my daughter heard about this give away and I signed up for it and my grandkids had a good Christmas I don't ever want them feel they are left out as a grandmother I have to step up and help them because their mother is not here they loved everything they were blessed with this ministry always reminds me when Jesus said the poor will always be with you I know it was not always talking about money it's been poor in spirit and in other areas of your life what God sends people to lift you up in your time of need and for 2 years we had a time for need I pray one day that I can give back my time so someone else's child can have joy in their life so I would like to thank you all for the joy you gave my grandkids

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