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U-Turn Waco Peer Support  and Empowerment Group 

About KWSM Peer Support Group

KWSM Peer support group is a peer lead  group comprised of individuals who share a experiences or circumstance such as a being a domestic violence survivor, drug recover, homelessness, sexual violence, intimate partner abuse, domestic abuse, sexual harassment or stalking. The group aims to empower survivors and facilitates resilience, re-connection, stress relief and anxiety reduction for our participants.  The group is  focused on providing mentoring, emotional and social support, information, education, and practical help to each other. The expression of mutual caring and concern provides a powerful environment for reclaiming hope to the group

During the support group information on where to get services are shared and referrals are given.  We meet once a week at different locations , please call 817-517-8117 for location and times 

For me information email

Our guide line

This group  is a support group with the purpose of sharing, listening, learning from and being supportive of each other. This support group is not a therapy group

KWSM  U-Turn Christmas Event

Providing holiday toys for children is a struggle for many low-income families and because Christmas holidays is synonymous with toys, its s a joyous time for most but for struggling families it is a time of stress and anxiety. Many parents barely getting by still want their children to experience the joy and excitement of receiving the toys of their dreams. On this event we bless the children with toys and the mothers too. There will be food and music . GOD ALLOWS U-TURNS

We will have speakers on the following subjects

• Domestic abuse why it is so hard to leave and resources in the area

• Drug recovery and resources in the area

• Resources in the Area for Elders

• How to help your child when they come to you about bullying

Thanks for submitting!

PO BOX 5008 Waco TX 76708


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