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  1. Christmas Gifts and toys

  2. Christmas Decorations accepted

  3. MOSTLY NEEDED: Cars and $20 Gas Cards from any gas station.

  4. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Every month, and especially for our r Christmas Party (about 50 kids who need gifts). 

  5. throw blanket for seniors, socks, towels, shampoos, bar soap, households 


    Our School Supply Event is in August every year. 
    ​We need 250 of the following items or as noted.

    * Back packs for all ages K - 12th grade
    * 500 packages of narrow and wide ruled paper
    * Pens, black and blue 12-pack - one package for each child
    * Rulers* Spiral notebooks (3 notebooks per child) * Colors by grade and color markers by grade* Colored pencils - 200* 1- and 2-inch Binders - 200* 400 subject folders, various colors, without brads; 200 with brads any color* Notebook dividers* 20 Calculators needed for high school* Scissors by grades* Highlighters by grade

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