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Suicide Prevention Hotline:


 Veterans Suicide Hotline:

Domestic Violence Hotline:


Child Abuse Hotline: 800-422-4453


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Advocacy Center 2323 Columbus Avenue Waco, TX 76701 (254) 752-9330 Free counseling available with Spanish speaking counselor concerning victims of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse, domestic violence

Family Abuse Center PO Box 20395 Waco, TX 76702 (254) 772-8999 Provides housing and counseling services for victims of domestic violence Rebecca Carlson, Ext. 2242 for Nonresidential Services

Alcoholic’s Anonymous (254) 754-3336 Counseling and treatment for alcoholism, support groups


Caritas of Waco 300 S 15th Street Waco, TX 76701 (254) 753-4593 Food pantry is open Monday through Friday 8am - 4pm.

Heart of Texas Goodwill 1000 E Waco Dr. (254) 714-1314 1700 S New Road (254) 753-7337 928 N Valley Mills Dr. (254) 776-2339 1508 N Hewitt Dr. (254) 420-2375 2439 LaSalle Ave. (254) 753-4984 3334 Franklin Ave. (254) 754-2870

Mission Waco Clothesline 1817 Franklin Dr. Waco, TX 76701 (254) 754-5463 Tuesday thru Friday, 10:30 am – 5:30 pm & Saturday, 9am – 4 pm. Proceeds from sales goes to support Mission Waco’s recovery programs.

Salvation Army 4721 W. Waco Dr. Waco, TX 76710 (254) 756-7271 Clothing vouchers provided, Monday – Thursday from 8:30-12:00. Stipulations include not having received clothing from Salvation Army or another Waco agency in the last 6 months. Meal provided: - Every Tuesday at 12pm (2111 Austin Avenue) - Lunch (Downtown Waco at Fire Tower @ Brazos River) - Dinner at 5:30 pm daily, - Breakfast 7am daily, and - Lunch Monday and Tuesday only at noon (500 S. 4th Street)

Mobile Food Pantry YMCA Paul Quinn Campus 1020 Elm St. 76704 Open every 2nd Saturday 10:00 am to Noon

The Shepherd’s Heart 1401 North 34th Street Waco, TX 76707 (254) 722-9517 Food pantry is set up like a grocery store where families can come in and shop. Every Thursday at The Shepherd’s Heart Pantry from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, there is distribution of canned goods, boxed and dry staple items, meats, and fresh fruits and vegetables. A drive through service is available for those who cannot stand in the line

Texas Department of Human Services: Food Stamps 801 Austin Ave Waco, TX 76701 (254) 755-7656 Apply for benefits online: Home/ssphome.jsp

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) 225 West Waco Drive, Waco, TX 76707 (254) 750-5474 1105 Washington Street, Waco, TX 76701 (254) 750-8623 1800 Gurley Lane, Waco, TX 76706 (254) 297-8069 94 Scott Circle, Waco, TX 76705 (254) 799-5265 Nutrition counseling, food benefits for grocery stores, breast-feeding education and nutrition education classes for working and nonworking families who meet income, residency and health screening guidelines. See website for eligibility requirements and for the site nearest you.


Compassion Ministries 1421 Austin Avenue Waco, Texas 76701 Transitory housing and assistance with jobrelated skills

Myer’s Center 1226 Washington Ave. Waco, TX 76708 (254) 296-9866 ext. 200 Provides shelter vouchers, shower, haircut, etc. for those who are experiencing homelessness

My Brother’s Keeper 1217 Mary Street Waco, TX 76707 (254) 296-9866 Men or Women. Must have SSN to stay. Call in the morning to reserve spot. Can stay up to 6 months if accepted into transitional housing program

Disability Services

The ARC of McLennan County 1300 Austin Avenue Waco, TX 76707 (254) 756-7491 The Arc of McLennan County is dedicated to expanding opportunities, care, and support for persons and families impacted by intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Adult Day Care 323 North 29th Street Waco, TX 76707 (254) 714-2274 Provides senior citizen counseling. Accept Medicaid and private pay for daycare and both Medicaid/Medicare and private pay for mental health services.

Adult Protective Services (APS) (McLennan County) 801 Austin Avenue Waco, TX 76701 Any adult who has a disability or who is age 65 or older that is in a state of abuse, neglect, or exploitation is eligible to receive adult protective services.

Meals and Wheels 501 West Waco Drive Waco, TX 76707 (254) 752-0316 Provide several services including transportation

Klaras Children’s Center (Early Childhood) 324 S. 4th St. P.O. Box 890 Waco, Texas, 76701 (254) 297-7085

First Baptist Church, Woodway Special Needs Parent Group 101 Ritchie Road Waco, Texas 76712 (254) 772-9696 Provides ministry for persons with disabilities (babies through adulthood) and their families.

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