The poverty rate in Waco is about 29.4 %. What that means is that there are about 29.4 % of people leaving in poverty. 

In 2019 we provided 210 families with toys and goods for their families. These families struggle with anything from low income, domestic abuse, drug use, and mental illness.   

 Many of our fundraising events — galas, luncheons, dinners, auctions, festivals, banquets, runs, walks, raffles, etc. — were canceled due to government policies to limit the transmission of COVID-19.


Despite that, we're able to  provide 260 kids Christmas toys and help 180 women that year with households such as heaters, fans, blankets, sheets, 

We also gave 110 families households like heaters. 

We are currently in need of donations  of heaters, fans, blankets 

2020 Chrismas toy give away 

2019 Christmas Toy Giveaway at U-Turn Christmas Event